CourseLauncher HQ Presents: The ALL NEW CourseLauncher Advantage Program

We guide you through the process of getting your course online...

You don't have to master a learning platform to teach your course to the world

Be sure to review the requirements of this program before you enroll.

Finally, Get the Guidance, Knowledge, and Skills to Build a Course Website that will Engage Your Students and Bring About Incredible Transformations!

It shouldn't be so hard!

You know the benefit your course offers people. Don't let frustration, overwhelm, or confusion stop you from sharing your gifts with the world.

Your skills are valuable and needed. Don't let technology stand between you and those you were meant to serve.

You wish somebody were there to save you from the challenges you endured to master your craft. Be the one to help the next person like you.

Here's What You Get:


WordPress LMS Website

You shouldn't have to worry about plugins and themes and tech... "oh, my"!

We provide you with a WordPress "Sandbox" website installed and fully configured for you, eliminating the need for any technical experience.

  • Your WordPress Sandbox Site comes pre-loaded with all the essential plugins and themes for creating and delivering your course, including Memberium to connect to your ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft CRM. We will even throw in a free 500 contact ActiveCampaign Lite account if you don't already have one.

Personal Coaching

You are an expert with your content. We're experts with process. We'll make sure you keep moving to share your message with the world.

  • On-Demand Workshop
  • Weekly Live Group Implementation / Q&A Sessions - unlimited access for as long as you remain in the Advantage Program
  • Ask a Coach - Ask any question about building your site, and get a personalized video reply.
  • Takes you every step of the way from initial setup and configuration to entering course content

$2,400 Value

CourseLauncher Platform

You get to focus on the message of your course. We'll manage all the details to make it work for you.

  • Tech Stack that includes WordPress Plugin Licenses
  • Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Pantheon
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Office Hours - ongoing live help for the platform, building your course and even basic consulting!

$800/Month Value

No Lock-In Guarantee

We use open platforms that ensure you can take and move your content to other hosts. You are never locked into a proprietary system, and you get 100% of the revenue you generate online.

Unlike many other platforms, you are not stuck with proprietary software where you have to re-build your entire course site on another platform if you're not happy. Since the CourseLauncher Platform is built on WordPress, you can be confident that what you build will work on virtually any WordPress host.

If you want to move your site, we'll give you a WordPress package that you can install on any WordPress host. You would just need to purchase all required plugin licenses directly from the vendors and then reactivate the licenses on your new host.

CourseLauncher HQ is trusted by instructors around the world

When I first got the idea to create an online course... I was like a lot of entrepreneurs and decided to "figure it out" and do it on my own! the two and a half YEARS that I was trying to 'save money' by 'doing everything on my own', I obviously didn't sell a single one of my courses...I was stuck in 'figuring it out on my OWN' mode!

Since I decided to hire Ellen and the CourseLauncher team, my business has been steadily moving forward at high speed! I have my first course online and it looks so beautiful on the membership site that they set up for me! I've discovered that the CourseLauncher team excels at SO many things besides just helping get my course onto a membership site!

I highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting your message out there! The CourseLauncher team is fast, efficient, incredibly knowledgeable. (They keep themselves up to date with what's new and what's going on in the on-line market!) They're passionate about what they do, super creative, friendly to work with, and are very patient with people like me who don't know much about what goes on inside the programming side of things!

Cyndie Knorr

Cynergy Coaching

Before signing up with CourseLauncher Academy, I spent nine months trying to find and put together the tools necessary to create a simple working site on which to teach my online classes. What I cobbled together worked, but barely, and during those nine months I wanted to quit and go back to my 20th century method of teaching on Yahoo Groups. I consider myself fairly tech-y, but I was in new territory and didn’t know what I didn’t know so I struggled to find accurate information and make things work...

Kitty Bucholtz

Creator of WRITE NOW! Workshops

I had never used the WordPress platform, so I was very leery of taking a crash course to create my very first e-course web site.

Thanks heavens Ellen has the patience of a saint! She provided lots of time to work one-on-one, or in small groups to help me work through the issues I had with setting up the content of my web site. She took the time to make sure she answered all my questions in a way I could understand, even if she had already covered the topic/how-to in a video. She really wanted me to be successful and make her course work...

Susan Poole

The B&B Coach

Pre-Enrollment Requirements

The CourseLauncher Advantage Program is specifically designed for those who have a course that they are ready to start putting online (or already have a course online on a different platform). Please make sure you meet the following requirements before you enroll. Thanks!

  • Your Offering is Researched and Defined - you know exactly what you're teaching, who your audience is, what audience's problems and pain points are (and your solution to them), and you have determined that the audience really wants what you are offering.
  • Your Course is Created - you have completely laid out your course and know exactly what you will be covering throughout the entire course; you have completely outlined your course on a module and lesson level including quizzes and assignments where applicable.
  • check
    You Have Decided on Delivery - you know how you will be creating your content and how you will be delivering it, such as having a video and PDF transcript in each lesson; you also know what hardware you need for creating your audios and videos and know what video platform you will use.


  • Your Content is Created - you have already created most if not all of your content, such as videos, audios, PDFs, quizzes, assignments, and all lesson copy.

For a Limited Time
CourseLauncher Advantage Program also includes


Infusionsoft Campaigns or ActiveCampaign Automations

We will import five campaigns or automations to your account, and you configure them with our help and coaching

$6,000 Value


FTC Guardian Basic Account

Free Lifetime Account to create your Basic Compliance Documents including Legal Page, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and many more

$288/year Value


ActiveCampaign QuickLaunch Course

If you're using ActiveCampaign this is a must have course to get everything set up and running with best practices

$40 Value


ActiveCampaign Account with up to 500 Contacts

*for new accounts activated through CourseLauncher HQ

$180/year Value

So what's the cost?

If you hire someone else to put together a package like this it would likely cost you over $7,000 up front, then over $800 per month.

The first year value is over $17,000!

Once we open this program up to the public,
it will be $1,995 down then $495/month.

Right now in this all new beta release it is just
$995 down then $295/month

Includes all support, maintenance and updates covering the full platform. And don't forget Unlimited Access to Weekly Office Hours for as long as you stay on the CourseLauncher Platform

Because this program is all new, we are limiting it to 10 people at this time and we have a few requirements that must be met in order to enroll:


  • Your Offering is Researched and Defined.
  • Your Course is Created
  • check
    You Have Decided on Delivery


  • Your Content is Created

Note: The first monthly payment won't be due until April 15th. The order form will show 30 days from the date of purchase, but we will put the billing on hold so that your first subscription payment doesn't begin until 30 days after receipt of your CourseLauncher Platform site.


  • The Getting Started module of the On-Demand Workshop will be available March 26th with subsequent modules dripped out weekly
  • The first Live Group Implementation / Q&A Session will be April 2nd
  • check
    Your CourseLauncher Platform site will be available April 9th so that you can start building during the first Live Group Implementation session. 
  • check
    Bonus content, including FTC Guardian and the ActiveCampaign QuickLaunch course will be available starting March 26th
  • Infusionsoft Campaigns or ActiveCampaign Automations, will be provisioned to your account when the associated how-to module is released.

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