CourseLauncher - a Transformative Learning Platform

We guide you through the process of getting your course online

You don't have to master a learning platform to teach your course to the world

Mental Barriers

You know the benefit your course offers people. Don't let frustration, overwhelm, or confusion stop you from sharing your gifts with the world

Technical Barriers

Your skills are valuable and needed. Don't let technology stand between you and those you were meant to serve.

It shouldn't be so hard!

You wish somebody were there to save you from the challenges you endured to master your craft. Be the one to help the next person like you.

Personal Coaching

You are an expert with your content. We're experts with process. We'll make sure you keep moving to share your message with the world.

Technical Management

You get to focus on the message of your course. We'll manage all the details to make it work for you, including partnerships for marketing your course.

Ownership Guarantee

We use open platforms that ensure you can take and move your content to other hosts. You are never locked into a proprietary system, and you get 100% of the revenue you generate online.


I believe that education is the key to a better world. By helping you share your experience, we both get to fulfill our mission.

Let my background in education, university teaching experience, and mastery of systems analysis pave the way for your success as an online educator.

Ellen K. Martin , Founder & CEO / CourseLauncher HQ

Since I decided to hire Ellen and the CourseLauncher team, my business has been steadily moving forward at high speed! I have my first course online and it looks so beautiful on the membership site that they set up for me! I've discovered that the CourseLauncher team excels at SO many things! They are experts at every stage of marketing, and creating funnels, and tagging the prospects and students to keep track of everything behind the scenes! ... I highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting your message out there! The CourseLauncher team are fast, efficient, incredibly knowledgeable.

Cyndie Knorr Owner of Cynergy Coaching

When I signed up for CourseLauncher Academy, I hoped my expectations weren’t too high. Get my course up in 3-4 weeks? I’d heard that before. I’m writing this testimonial TWELVE DAYS after the course started and I expect my sales page to be up and accepting signups in the next day or so! If you’re ready to start teaching online or, like me, need to bring your classes up a level, the CourseLauncher Academy really WILL get you up and running with a professional-looking website in a few short weeks!

Kitty Bucholtz Creator of WRITE NOW! Workshops

Online course-creation is a foreign land and if you don't have a guide walking you through it, you're going to stumble, you're going to get frustrated and you're going to fall off the path before your course is finished. What I love about working with Ellen is that she's right there with you, creating your course to share your message with the people you were meant to serve.

The key thing that CourseLauncher offers that nobody else does is that Ellen holds your hand and walks you through the course-creation path, and she is committed to your success.

Ashley Guberman Owner of Primary Goals

Nelson Mandela

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Getting Started is Easy


Take a Readiness Quiz

There are no wrong answers here. For us to make the biggest impact together, it helps to know where we're starting and to know what steps you've already completed in the overall process.


Schedule a Consultation

We'll talk about what success looks like for you, and clarify what working together looks and feels like. Based  on your quiz answers we may suggest you complete a few tasks before we get started.


Join an Implementation Team

We take you through the course development and implementation program in a small community of peers. That way, you're never alone, and can gain from each other's experiences.

At CourseLauncher, we know that you want to be make an impact in the world through sharing your message. The problem is, the technology and required work to do so leaves you overwhelmed and confused. We believe you can save others lots of pain, effort, and frustration by sharing your skills with them. That's why we use our experience with teaching and systems analysis to make it easier for you to bring your course online.

Here's how we do it. We start with a readiness quiz so that we know where we're starting together. Next, we have a conversation about what success looks like for you at an emotional, psychological, and financial level. Finally, you'll join a small implementation team of other educators with goals just like you to get their message into the world with impact. This team lets you help each other and provides motivation and support to get over the hurdles that come up with any project that's personally meaningful to you.

Don't let your message die because you didin't take action. Take the first step by taking the readiness quiz yourself (it only takes 10 minutes), then let's have a conversation about how you can gain the prestige, influence, and respect you deserve for making a contribution to the lives of those you were meant to serve.