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ActiveCampaign QuickLaunch – Marketing Automation

In this course on ActiveCampaign, you will be introduced to the top tools, techniques. and processes to help you leverage your email marketing so your customers are able to move through your marketing funnels with efficiency and profitability.

Start by watching the video below before you move on to the full series of lessons. While you can move around and progress at your own pace, the course is designed so you can proceed most effectively by doing each lesson in the order presented.

There are 42 Lectures, consisting of 5.5 hours of content​

This course is based primarily on content and videos licensed from Barry Moore of TheActiveMarketer.​com, with some additional materials prepared and presented by the CourseLauncher Academy.

Welcome To The Course

Welcome to the newly designed and up to date course on ActiveCampaign

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1: Introduction to ActiveCampaign [9:39]


Lesson 2: Tags [16:24]


Lesson 3: Lists [15:29]


Lesson 4: Forms Overview [17:13]


Lesson 5: Contacts [5:12]


Lesson 6: Campaigns [6:08]


Lesson 7: Automations [18:24]


Lesson 8: Reporting [5:29]


Lesson 9: Integrations [16:09]


Lesson 10: Bonus – Pipeline Training [9:33]