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What previous workshop participants are saying

Before signing up with CourseLauncher Academy, I spent nine months trying to find and put together the tools necessary to create a simple working site on which to teach my online classes. What I cobbled together worked, but barely, and during those nine months I wanted to quit and go back to my 20th century method of teaching on Yahoo Groups. I consider myself fairly tech-y, but I was in new territory and didn’t know what I didn’t know so I struggled to find accurate information and make things work.

When I signed up for CourseLauncher Academy, I hoped my expectations weren’t too high. Get my course up in 3-4 weeks? I’d heard that before. I’m writing this testimonial TWELVE DAYS after the course started and I expect my sales page to be up and accepting signups in the next day or so! If you’re ready to start teaching online or, like me, need to bring your classes up a level, the CourseLauncher Academy really WILL get you up and running with a professional-looking website in a few short weeks!

Kitty Bucholtz

Creator of WRITE NOW! Workshop

I had never used the WordPress platform, so I was very leery of taking a crash course to create my very first e-course web site.

Thanks heavens Ellen has the patience of a saint! She provided lots of time to work one-on-one, or in small groups to help me work through the issues I had with setting up the content of my web site. She took the time to make sure she answered all my questions in a way I could understand, even if she had already covered the topic/how-to in a video. She really wanted me to be successful and make her course work for me.

Even though we all started out with the same template, her knowledge and technical skills helped us to create sites that met our needs as on-line teachers, and Ron’s graphic skills made our content shine.

There is a ton of value-added to this course. Ellen has a wealth of resources that she uses in her own business that she very willingly shares if appropriate – such as hero images, templates for Privacy Pages, etc. If she came across anything that needed to be fixed or added, it was looked after right away.

If you are launching an on-line course, I highly recommend CourseLauncher Academy to help you.

Susan Poole

The B&B Coach

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