SEO Onboarding

This form helps our team to establish your goals and the uses of your website so we can cater our SEO approach to your business. There may be some overlap between this form and your copywriting form (if you booked both services).Please answer all questions to the best of your ability! Your answers will be discussed in your onboarding meeting, so you can ask any questions then!

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Do you currently implement any SEO strategies on your website?(Required)
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You're an expert at what you do, so when we talk about terms – you know all the fancy, technical names. But your clients don't. For example, a photographer may be trying to catch people's eye by using the term “bokeh” to describe their images but their ideal client doesn't know what bokeh is. They just know it as a “blurry background”. So, when we ask you this next question please remember this example. The question below is for us to get an idea of your ideal client's level of understanding of what you sell.
How would you describe your brand?(Required)
Ex: Age, gender, Consumer or Business, Women/Man/Both, personality type, etc.
What type of phone does your ideal client have?(Required)
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